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walltime is an app that allows you to install unique dynamic timelapse-style wallpaper on the screen of your phone.

The 21st century is the epoch of dynamic. This is a time when our life is developing rapidly. The world doesn’t stand still. Everything around us is in constant motion.

And we, «eDDention» team, realized that it’s possible to give dynamics even to already familiar little things. So we came up with idea of creating the «walltime» mobile app. Do you get bored of wallpaper quickly? Are you tired of changing them? Then you came across the right app!

Imagine that you have a beautiful view of a modern metropolis on the screen, in which the time of day fully inline with your real one! Or you are a lover of pacification and want to have an image of nature on the screen during the day? walltime has it too!

What discerns walltime from analogues?
• Modern design.
• Intuitive functions.
• Wallpaper of various styles: from a simple gradient to a colorful cartoon.
• Practically doesn’t take up place in the phone's memory.
The app contains many selections of themed wallpaper. Didn't find a suitable wallpaper? Don’t worry! In walltime you can create your own selections of dynamic wallpaper, which can contain from 3 to 8 images. Agree that this is a good opportunity to install dynamic wallpaper on your favorite theme – sports, animals, art. The choice is yours!

Join us!
walltime. wallpaper that know the time

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