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Why Automation?

Save your time. No more boring repetitive tasks!

What's It?

You can automate your phone by defining your own rules. It's a time-based / event-driven task scheduler and automation manager. It covers automation of location service, phone, fixed time scheduling, and many more.

● 30+ events
● 30+ conditions
● 40+ actions
● 10+ predefined sample rules
● 4 operators

How to Use?

Each Rule has 3 Components: Event, Condition, and Action

● Event (Triggered) ➞ Check Condition
● Condition (Satisfied) ➞ Execute Action


● When entering a location, if it is Sunday, then set your ringtone, wallpaper or notification message, etc.
● When connected to your bluetooth earbuds, set the volume and open your favorite music app

Download Links:

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