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"Memento Cards" is a language learning application which gives freedom to decide when and what to study.

You can download our free cards and quickly remove a bunch of unwanted words.
But more importantly: you can easily create your own cards. Supply a list, dictionaries and build flashcards of your dream with our utility.
If your prefer downloading please check our web-site for available cards and estimate theirs quality.

Study at any time.
Unlikely many other spaced repetition flashcards Memento Cards follows "pull" paradigm.
If you have time to learn 500 words today just do it! If you do not want to study then rest.

Our algorithm does not divide cards into subsets (annoying archaism of paper cards era).
There are only 2 options there: "I know" and "I do not".
You do not need to understand which cards are "new" and which cards are "repeatable".
Concentrate on learning and do not bother about technical details.

Learn whenever you are: in a restaurant, lift or on a bus. The application works offline.

More details and free content on our web-site:

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