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The best story-book for little children and dyslexic kids. Kids love Lola Slug, even the dyslexic ones … Buy it now!
Lola is adorable! Her easy book app uses a high-readability font, carefully designed for kids and toddlers. Choose between the all-uppercase text and normal text. Listen to professional narration, or enjoy reading by yourself supported by special reading rulers.
Help Lola on her trip to the museum; every page is fully animated and interactive, even the chandelier moves! Kids love Lola Slug, even the dyslexic ones … Buy it now!


♥ Narration, karaoke, and sounds: listen and spot words get highlighted one by one.
We have selected young actors with natural, never annoying kids' voices so that Lola Slug's narration is pleasant even after 1000+ readings!

♥ Easy to read, high-readability font expressly designed for kids, toddlers, and beginning readers with or without special needs like dyslexia and SLD.

♥ Reading rulers to help kids focus and track on one line at a time.

♥ Either all-in-uppercase text and in normal case with “big” and “small” letters.

♥ Choice between the standard lower case "a" and cursive "a".

♥ Unforgettable characters living every-day life, 19 fun scenes to return again and again, your kid will smile from the first page!

♥ No wi-fi need: it works without internet connection!

*****Featured on many newspapers: e.g. WIRED, Children's Technology Review, & STYLE*****

*****Featured twice in the Italian Illustrators Annual*****


– No in-app purchase, or tricks.

– No publicity.

– No personal data get collected.

– No child-accessible links.

– No connections to social media.


It is only a transparent colored ruler, but, depending on the person, it can improve reading ability, because it helps to focus and track on one line at a time, and reduces the glare on the page by providing the correct color contrast between letters and background.

You can find it on the left hand of every page on the “Read Myself” mode and drag it on the text up and down.

You can choose your favorite color by swiping it right, or decide to leave it in a corner when you do not need it.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us directly at any time by email at:

[email protected]

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