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iKnow! is a personalized language learning tool based on advanced learning algorithms designed to help you learn faster and more efficiently.

The mobile app is a companion study tool to the iKnow! website ( With this app, you can enjoy the iKnow! experience on your phone or tablet.

Your iKnow! study progress on your Android device is automatically synched to your PC account, so you can study in the way that best matches your needs and lifestyle.

“Japanese, Chinese, and English”

Official courses are offered for studying Japanese, Chinese, and SAT English. The Japanese Core 6000 covers the 6,000 most commonly used words in Japanese, and the Chinese Core 2000 covers the 2,000 most commonly used words in Chinese. All words have sample sentences and audio.

“Spaced rehearsal learning”

iKnow! presents items in a spaced rehearsal pattern optimized for efficient learning. iKnow! calculates an optimal moment to review what you have learned so that you can learn more effectively.

“Guided study”

iKnow! tells you what to study and when. Based on your targets and performance, iKnow! manages your study for you.


– Five study applications: iKnow!, Self Check, Rapid Choice, Sentence Trainer and Listening.
– iKnow!: Master words and phrases with our patented learning algorithms.
– Self Check: Quickly self-assess your own knowledge.
– Rapid Choice: Fast-paced quizzing and review.
– Sentence Trainer: Master sentence patterns and constructions.
– Listening: Listen to content on the go. You can slow down and repeat any audio.
– Study progress synched across Android, iOS and PC accounts

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