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** This is not a standalone app. It requires KWGT and KWGT Pro key. **

All the widgets in this app support Dark Mode. Use your device's dark mode setting to enable or disable dark mode on widgets. If you don't want to follow system setting, you can modify global settings in KWGT editor.

Give your home screens elegant look without any clutter.

Get all the information you need right from your homescreen with detailed weather conditions and forecast, news from popular topics, weekly events with date, time and location info, and more.

Special Features:
– 113+ Interactive and fully functional widgets.
– Specially curated wallpapers to keep the home screen distraction free.
– Automatically adapt widget colors with the set wallpaper.
– Android system-wide dark mode support.
– Customize your widgets in one go with KWGT globals.
– Quickly launch apps, related activities and shortcuts from the widgets.
– Short and to the point information.

– Brandon Craft –
– Material Komponents by Erik Bucik
– Graphs Komponent by Arun Kumar

Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or for any help regarding this app.

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