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This chemistry lab app helps to learn chemistry in a smarter way, whether you are a student, teacher, professor, chemist or a chemical engineer.

Chemistry learning begins with the periodic table.

The periodic table contains all the elements and displays category of each element in different colour format.

ChemEx 3D helps you to visualize the atomic structures like electrons are in which orbital and how orbitals are organized around nucleus.


– Periodic table.
– When you click on periodic table element provides information of element listed below.
– Atomic number
– Atomic name
– Atomic mass
– Atomic phase (Solid, Liquid, Gas)
– Electron configuration
– Electron per cell
– 3D Crystal structure (Simple cubic, Body-centered cubic, Face-centered cubic, triclinic, monoclinic, orthorhombic, rhombohedral, hexagonal, tetragonal).
– Atomic density
– Melting point
– Boiling point
– Critical point
– Electronegativity (Pauling Scale)
– Covalent radius
– Van der waals radius
– Discovery
– 3D Atomic structure of each element.

ChemEx 3D turns your device into a virtual chemistry lab to experiment with chemicals.

ChemEx 3D contains chemistry lab to conduct chemistry experiments, explore chemical reactions in a realistic way.

Chemistry lab contains chemical equation balancer that automatically balances the chemical reaction.


– Temperature window where you can experiment melting point and boiling point of each periodic table element in an interactive way.
– Chemistry lab.


In this chemistry lab app, you can pour chemicals into beakers, mix them and then result of chemical reactions are shown in a realistic way so it becomes easier for students to understand it, you can do basic chemical reactions as if you are in a real lab.


ChemEx 3D has a built-in chemical reaction database so you can perform any basic chemical reaction.

If any chemicals or reactions are missing, please contact us at [email protected]

Your suggestions are greatly valuable to us.

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